Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Lukashenko announces large-scale military drills with Russia on the border with Ukraine and the Baltic states

On January 17, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, announced large-scale military drills on the border with Ukraine, and also announced the increase of Ukraine’s military contingent on the border with Belarus.

Ukraine continues to increase its strength by concentrating units of the National Guard from “nationalist radicals”. This is even stronger than NATO troops. And all this in the immediate vicinity of the state border of our country. Again, under the guise of fighting migrants. But migrants will not get there even in a nightmare. They do not go there and are not going to go to Ukraine, we understand that perfectly well. “People are fleeing Ukraine, and they will” protect themselves from migrants from Belarus,” – Lukashenko said.

It is known that the Belarusian Armed Forces will conduct drills on the border with Ukraine together with the Russian Armed Forces. Operational maneuvers were scheduled for December 2021, when Lukashenko agreed with Putin to organize joint unscheduled “solid military drills.”

Commenting on the exercise plan, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Lukashenko said that the drills should not be exclusively Belarusian: “These should be normal drills to work out a specific plan in opposition to these forces: the West (Baltics and Poland) and the South (Ukraine).” It is known that the defense ministers of Belarus and Russia have already drawn up and worked out a joint maneuver, which is scheduled to start in February. According to the head of the Belarusian Defense Ministry Viktor Khrenin, all issues have been discussed with the Russian side, but the exact date of the drills is still in the process of coordination.

“We planned to start training in February. Determine the exact date, inform us not to be reproached that we have gathered some troops from somewhere, we are almost going to fight,” – Lukashenko said.

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