We have made our democratic European choice. We are able to defend it.

Totalitarian Russia – the birthplace of the most terrible and bloody communist regimes-is leading the world to collapse by its adventurous and criminal propaganda of confrontation and hatred. The Putin regime has been  keeping the planet in suspense, poses a threat to  Ukraine with war and seeking to establish a “sphere of influence” and control over Eastern Europe.

A frenzied anti-Ukrainian, anti-American, and anti-democratic bacchanal dominate  on the state channels of the Russian Federation. It aimed to blackmail Ukraine and the democratic countries of the West and provoke a war which  consequences could be disastrous. The Kremlin regime and Russian propagandists cynically lie, accusing Ukraine, NATO and the entire Western world for a huge  increase of  tension and confrontation.

Realizing the threat of war that the Putin regime can unleash, the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people are strengthening the defense capability of our state. Ukrainians clearly and unambiguously demonstrate to the world and the Russian invaders: we are ready to defend our native land! We will stop the enemy, who has been trying to destroy the Ukrainian identity for several centuries, and now is trying to occupy Ukraine as a state, drag it into the totalitarian Russian yoke.

Ukrainians are a free nation!

After passing through centuries of enslavement, occupation, and struggle for our freedom, we achieved independence!

We have made our democratic European choice and are able to defend it.

And we will defeat the hated enemy if he goes to war against us!

The key to mentioned one  is the strength of the Ukrainian army and the unity of our army with the Ukrainian people.

The key to to mentioned one  is the extremely powerful and effective support of Ukraine from the anti – Putin coalition of Democratic states of the world.

The National Union of writers of Ukraine, whose mission is to protect our tradition for the sake of preserving our spirituality, our language, our history, our culture, unites numerous talented Ukrainian writers.

We, Ukrainian writers, express our deep gratitude to the democratic countries that have stood up for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The support of these countries is extremely important for us, Ukrainians. We realize that protecting Ukraine from Putin’s horde is protecting a democratic Europe, guaranteeing the preservation of peace for the whole planet.

We also thank the Russian intelligentsia, Russia’s spiritual elite, for their voice of protest against the war that the Kremlin threatens Ukraine and the democratic world. The” statement of peace supporters against the War Party in the Russian leadership ” is an important evidence that there are people in Russian society who are free from the total zombification carried out by the Putin regime.

We are convinced that strong and effective support for Democratic states, as well as the solidarity of people of Good Will from different countries, will stop the russian aggressor and save the world from catastrophe.

Together – we are the force that the rotten “Russian world” and its leaders are afraid of!

Secretariat of the National Union of writers of Ukraine.

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