President of France Macron met with Russian President Putin in Moscow

President of France Macron met with Russian President Putin in Moscow!

The main thing from the negotiations:

  • Putin: If Ukraine joins NATO and tries to return Crimea by military means, European countries will be involved in the conflict with Russia and “there will be no winners.”
  • Putin is asking about security guarantees: “They are talking about guarantees from Russia, but who will give us guarantees? If NATO is a peaceful organization, what is the problem with returning to the 1997 guarantees? ”
  • According to Macron, the coming days of negotiations will be “crucial” and new mechanisms need to be worked on to ensure security in Europe, but they cannot be built by changing the fundamental principles of the last 30 years.
  • On February 8, in Kyiv, Macron and Zelensky will talk about the need to advance the Minsk agreements in the coming weeks to implement them “clearly and completely.”
  • Macron: on the border with Ukraine — 125 thousand Russian servicemen. Meanwhile, Putin said that Ukraine had concentrated 100-125 thousand troops in the east of the country.

Putin stated that human rights are being systematically violated in Ukraine and offered political asylum to Petro Poroshenko. He also reiterated that Kyiv does not comply with the Minsk agreements, but there is no alternative to them: “Like it or don’t like it, be patient, my beauty.”!

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