Putin understands only force. We won’t stop until he collapses – British Foreign Secretary Truss

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that the West needs to put even more pressure on Putin and help Ukraine until victory is achieved, because the Russian leader understands only force.

According to her, Putin is hardly serious about negotiating with Ukraine if he continues shelling civilians.

“To achieve peace, we have to be tough. This means that we, our allies and partners, will double down on what has already embarrassed Putin – sanctions against his regime and meaningful weapons for Ukraine…. Force is the only thing Putin understands. This should continue to define our response. We need to continue to hit his regime hard with additional sanctions. We need to make sure that Putin can never threaten Ukraine again,” Truss emphasized.

“We are trying to expand a coalition of free democracies. And we are demonstrating an ironclad approach in this mission to stop Putin’s war for ever. Now is the time to stay the course. Together we will not stop until Ukraine wins and Putin collapses,” the Minister added.

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