“Boogeyman stories” of nuclear attack element of Russia’s infowar – Ukraine official


Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Vadym Denysenko, says Russia’s statements on a possible nuclear strike, being spun to intimidate Ukraine, is yet another element of the ongoing information war.

The official addressed the issue on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“As for the Russian nuclear attack, which is once being used to intimidate us. In short, it is an element of information warfare. So far, the Russians haven’t succeeded in any information attack on Ukraine,” Denysenko said.

According to the official, the logic of all Russian information wars over the recent years (not just the last two months) is reduced to two key elements: to sow panic or discord in the ranks of an adversary.

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Denysenko clarified that the Russians in the first stage of the war employed two key messages aimed at splitting Ukrainian society: the first narrative was “allow male citizens to leave Ukraine as they are too much of a burden on our food stocks,” while the second one was an attempt to provoke religious riots over the “seizure” of temples run by the Moscow Patriarchate. He noted that both these information attacks had failed to achieve their goals.

“Now, apparently, they keep exploring topics that will not so much split society as sow panic. Hence the narrative of nuclear war, nuclear attacks, etc. A nuclear strike is their last trump card up their sleeve, which can be used once all other arguments have been exhausted,” Denysenko said.

According to the adviser, this is currently a bluff on the one hand aimed at sowing panic in Ukraine, and on the other hand targeting the West in an attempt to intimidate these countries and make them talk with President Vladimir Putin in a different way.

“Putin has always played the same game – raising stakes. But now he lost in this game because he has nowhere to raise them anymore. And a nuclear strike is not raising stakes, it’s an ultimate defeat because, after that, even China and India will shift to the other side. And he understands this perfectly. But could he go for a nuclear strike? Unfortunately, this can’t be ruled out,” the official admitted.

At the same time, Denysenko added that nuking someone would be a deadly endeavor for Putin.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, Denysenko said a massive purge had begun in the Russian elite as the fate of dozens of the most influential people in Russia is now in limbo.

Source: “Boogeyman stories” of nuclear attack element of Russia’s infowar - Ukraine official

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