Zelensky says situation in Mariupol remains “brutal and unchanged”

Russia will be marked as a “source of evil” for targeting civilians, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address on Tuesday. 

“Forever the Russian army will be written in history as the most barbaric and inhumane army in the world,” Zelensky said, “The targeted killing of civilians and destruction of residential buildings with all kinds of weapons, including those that are forbidden by international conventions — this is just a trademark of the Russian army and this will truly mark the Russian Federation as the source of evil.”

The intensity of Russian fire towards the regions of Kharkiv and Donbas has “significantly increased,” Zelensky said. 

In Mariupol, the situation remains “brutal and unchanged,” Zelensky said. He claimed that Russian forces are blocking corridors and evacuations from Mariupol. Zelensky added that he had signed a decree to honor Ukrainian armed forces defending Mariupol. 

Zelensky met with members of parliament to recommend the extension of martial law in Ukraine, he said. 

“It’s very important to ensure stable activities at all of the borders,” he said.

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