Is Putin Sick? This Photo Has Dropped Like a Bomb on the Agenda!

On the 58th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the eyes are on the city of Mariupol, which Russia announced it had decimated. The situation of important industrial facilities and civilians in the city caused concern, while the photo of Putin congratulating the Defense Minister on his success also caused controversy. Experts who studied the details in the photo pointed out the critical fact… that Russia announced its seizure of the city of Mariupol yesterday caused both a great shock and suspicion. Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu personally conveyed to Putin that Mariupol had been taken. The eyes of the whole world were also normally turned to the photos of this duo served by the Kremlin. A short video of the dialogue between the Minister of Defense and Putin was also shared with the world public while the Kremlin official website served photos of Putin and Shoigu sitting dec at the table. These published images have also reignited a debate that has been on the agenda since the beginning of the war. In the video, Putin was observed to be rather seedy, while comments were made that the victory in Mariupol did not please him at all. As if this were not enough, the fact that the Russian leader firmly grasped the edge of the table where he was sitting, both during his meeting with Sergey Shoigu and during his meeting with Nikolay Tokarev, which took place yesterday, once again brought the rumors of illness to bear. In the video of the Putin-Shoygu meeting, which is a very rare image, Shoygu tells Putin that the city of Mariupol has been ‘liberated’. However, Putin is listening to his minister with an expression that seems to be slipping and uncomfortable in his seat, let alone rejoicing when he hears these words. Experts who have been analyzing Putin’s photos and speeches since February 24, when the war broke out, claim that the Russian leader is ill and his health is deteriorating every day.

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