Ambassador Melnyk: Ukraine suggests that Germany should pass lend-lease law as US did


The West and Europe try to prevent the Russian war in Ukraine from escalating into World War III, but it has already begun. That’s why, being afraid to provide weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is nonsense.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrij Melnyk expressed the opinion in an interview with Bild, Ukrinform reports.

“The fear of becoming a party to the war by supplying weapons is complete nonsense. For Putin, Germany has long been a party to the war. Anyone who wants to prevent the war from escalating must help us put Putin in his place now. Russia’s victory in Ukraine would be the worst thing that could happen to Germany,” Melnyk said.

He hopes everyone will realize that Putin wants a new imperialist world order with a smaller NATO which no longer includes the countries of the former Eastern bloc. So Putin wages this war of destruction against the entire West, against its entire value system.

“World War III has already begun. Putin’s attack on Ukraine affects everyone, including the Germans, although not yet militarily,” the Ambassador said.

According to the diplomat, the fact that none of the German government members has visited Kyiv so far testifies to the inertia of German policy. Chancellor Olaf Scholz is probably acting in the same way as his predecessor Angela Merkel: wait and see how things unfold, then consider whether a decision should be made or not.

What the German government lacks is “imagination and courage,” according to the Ukrainian Ambassador. He is convinced that many Germans would like to have a vigorous chancellor.

The war, the Ambassador said, requires quick solutions, but Germany continues to fight with itself, “the federal government is very good at justifying and giving absurd excuses for its inaction.”

He called this week’s decision to supply 30 Gepard tanks to Ukraine a step in the right direction, but still insufficient. Moreover, these tanks lack ammunition and they are 40 years old, while the most advanced German weapons are needed to defeat Russia.

Melnyk outlined what Ukraine would like to receive from Germany as soon as possible: 88 Leopard tanks, 100 Marder tanks, self-propelled howitzers, and much more. He believes that the German lend-lease law similar to the American and a long-term alliance against Russia would be important.

The Ambassador admitted that he annoyed many people in Germany with his statements but assured that he was actually “very grateful to Germany for any help.”

Andrij Melnyk is, without exaggeration, the most famous and controversial ambassador of a foreign state in Berlin. He made strong statements long before the war, warned about it, demanded to provide weapons and halt the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Since the beginning of the aggression, Melnyk has been a regular guest on talk shows, he is quoted by all German media outlets and even politicians. As Ukrinform learned, he is currently under police protection due to threats received.


Source: Ambassador Melnyk: Ukraine suggests that Germany should pass lend-lease law as US did

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