Ukraine holds line as Russian gains come slow and small | DW News

Ukrainian troops are trying to hold off Russian attacks in much of Ukraine’s east. The Kremlin wants to capture the whole of the industrial Donbas region, but gains are smaller, and coming slower, than expected. Further south on the sea of Azov, a handful of civilians has been allowed to leave a steelworks in the besieged city of Mariupol. Families of those still trapped in the port town gathered in the capital Kyiv, so they would not be forgotten. Russia’s intensifying offensive in Ukraine’s east and south has left the country in need of weapons – and fighters. Across the country, ordinary citizens have joined Territorial Defense Units – a volunteer force. DW correspondent Jan-Philipp Scholz met a mother and daughter who have taken up arms together. The U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has met with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv. Pelosi is the highest-ranking American official to visit Ukraine. Video from Ukrainian officials show talks with the Congressional delegation. Pelosi praised Ukraine’s defense of freedom and Zelenskyy thanked the visitors for America’s support. Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie has also made a surprise visit to Ukraine. In the western city of Lviv she spoke to people displaced by the war and children wounded by a Russian missile strike. Jolie is a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency. Last month she visited Yemen, where millions have also been displaced by war. US President Joe Biden has praised journalists for their coverage of the war in Ukraine. Biden was speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner – an annual gala that in the past two years was canceled due to the pandemic. Biden said that a rise in disinformation has made press freedom more important than ever. New footage from the Ukrainian village of Demydiv has revealed the damage caused by a tactical flood. On day two of the war, the village was intentionally flooded to stop the advance of Russian soldiers. Ukraine’s army has been strategically destroying infrastructure around the country to thwart their enemy.

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