UN Secretary General doesn’t understand Putin but promotes dialogue


UN Secretary-General Antonio Getterés knows nothing about the goals and plans of the aggressor country’s president, Vladimir Putin, over the ongoing war against Ukraine, but considers it necessary to continue the dialogue with the Russian leader as it gives an understanding of the latter’s motivation and goals.

Gutteres stated this during a press conference with the Austrian leadership in Vienna on Wednesday, according to Ukrinform’s own correspondent.

“If I would know that, I would have divine capacities that would have already made me a very rich man by lottery tickets,” Gutteres told a news conference with the Austrian president when asked about Putin’s goals and plans for Ukraine.

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Later in the press conference, journalists returned to the meeting of the UN Secretary General with Putin in Moscow, asking how appropriate such contacts are. In response, Antonio Gutteres said that in order to solve the problem, those who created the problem must be talked to, therefore it makes sense to talk to the head of the Russian Federation.

According to him, these contacts are important because they provide an opportunity to understand motivation and goals and then be more effective with own initiatives.

As reported earlier, on April 26, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made a trip to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. On April 28, during the top official’s visit to Kyiv, Russia launched another missile strike on the Ukrainian capital.

Source: UN Secretary General doesn’t understand Putin but promotes dialogue

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