Street and maneuver battles raging in Sievierodonetsk – National Guard


Now the situation in Sievierodonetsk is challenging. The city has been seriously damaged by Russian invaders, and street fighting is underway at the moment.

The relevant statement was made by Spokesperson of the Rapid Reaction Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine Kharytin Starskyi on the air of Ukrainian TV channels, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“As for Sievierodonetsk, the city has been seriously damaged with Russia’s bombardments, air and artillery strikes. Street and maneuver battles are raging there at the moment. The situation is rather challenging, but Ukrainian defenders are making every effort to hold back the enemy,” Starskyi told.

Starskyi expressed confidence that Ukrainian forces will gain success, as Ukrainian servicemen have been well prepared for urban warfare, battles in forests and fields. Meanwhile, Russians will have to lose lots of their soldiers in such battles.

At the same time, Starskyi noted that it is difficult for the Ukrainian side to gain a foothold within the areas that have been seriously damaged, within the open territories where they cannot hide or harden positions.

According to Starskyi, it is important for Russians not to seize the city itself but to capture the road.

“Thus, they are following their old scheme: wiping the settlements off and advancing this way,” Starskyi added.

Starskyi noted that Ukrainian defenders have high morale, ready to complete missions and continue fighting, and will not withdraw unless they receive a relevant command from the military leadership.

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Source: Street and maneuver battles raging in Sievierodonetsk – National Guard

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