Grain and energy: Yermak invites Gulf states to set up advisory council


Head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak suggested establishing an advisory council on food and energy with the participation of Gulf states, opening offices of Arab TV companies in Ukraine and called on the Gulf states to join the sanctions against Russia.

“I would like to propose the establishment of a special Advisory Council under the auspices of the Head of the Office of the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for your region. I would be happy to see foreign ministers as well as people with powers similar to mine there. This council could be a useful platform for discussing pressing issues such as grain supplies and energy security. But not only. I think it would be appropriate to use this forum to address issues that affect the interests of the Gulf Cooperation Council and their allies,” Yermak said in his address to the ministers of foreign affairs of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the President’s Office informs.

To this end, he said, the parties could agree within a week or two on a special representative to discuss organizational issues, including the Council’s mandate, and set up a secretariat.

The Head of the President’s Office noted that it is possible to find ways together to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe that can be caused by the food crisis, noting that a number of Islamic countries in Africa and South Asia are already at risk.

“We hope that the Gulf states will play an active role in resolving the current global food and energy crisis, which Russia is using as instruments of war and pressure on the international community. It is time for decisive action and confident steps,” he stressed.

Yermak called on the Gulf states to join the international sanctions against Russia to deprive it of the financial, technical, and technological resources to wage the war against Ukraine and subsequent aggressive wars.

“We call on the Gulf Cooperation Council to join the sanctions regime against the Russian Federation and in no way assist Russia and certain members of its authorities in avoiding existing restrictions,” the Head of the President’s Office said.

He also stressed that Ukraine wants to become more open and understandable to the Arab world and suggested opening offices of Arab state television companies in Ukraine.

Moreover, Yermak noted that Ukraine is a multi-religious and religiously tolerant country and expressed the opinion that the Red Crescent should be represented in Ukraine at the same level as the Red Cross.

Photo credit: President’s Office


Source: Grain and energy: Yermak invites Gulf states to set up advisory council

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