Stefanchuk, Steinmeier discuss Ukraine's European aspirations

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk has called on German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to support Ukraine’s European aspirations.

The two officials discussed this issue at a meeting in Berlin on Friday, Ukrinform reports, citing the press service of the Ukrainian parliament.

“Mr. President, all changes in this world are made by dreamers and fans. So I want to ask you: can you name another EU candidate country where support for membership in this country reaches 91%? And this 91% is not because the war is going on in our country, but because we give our lives for the values and principles of the EU,” Stefanchuk said.

He stressed that he did not ask for any privileged status for Ukraine, but wanted legal recognition of the merits of the Ukrainian people on the path to European integration.

“We clearly understand that candidate status is not member status. After receiving this status, we are ready to work hard, to work fanatically in order to improve our country, to bring it in line with the Copenhagen criteria. We are ready to do all so that Ukraine is not a poor relative, but a full member of the EU,” Stefanchuk said.

Steinmeier, in turn, noted that Ukraine should not be pessimistic about the European perspective.

“You know that our Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Chancellor have stated that they will lead this train, which should bring Ukraine to the EU,” he said.

At the same time, he stressed that it was obvious to him and the German federal government that Ukraine is in a “special situation.”

“There is a war going on. And this means that we must find a special solution for Ukraine. Because the situation is absolutely special. And this wording must be made by the European Commission,” Steinmeier said.

At the end of the meeting, Steinmeier “expressed admiration” for the courage of Ukrainians in the struggle for their homeland and promised to “live up to their expectations” regarding weapons, funding and other assistance that will be needed.

Stefanchuk is on a working visit to Germany on June 1-3.

Source: Stefanchuk, Steinmeier discuss Ukraine's European aspirations

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