Ukrainian paratrooper destroys nine enemy drones


A junior sergeant of Ukraine’s 95th Air Assault Brigade has destroyed nine enemy drones, being one of the most effective anti-aircraft gunners in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The press service of the Air Assault Brigade said this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“This young paratrooper has already shot down nine enemy air reconnaissance vehicles that were correcting artillery fire on Ukrainian positions online,” the statement said.

According to the report, the paratrooper uses British Starstreak MANPADS to destroy Russian drones, turning expensive equipment into scrap metal and leaving the artillery of the invaders “without eyes.”

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said earlier that the Ukrainian army had killed about 31,900 Russian troops between February 24 and June 10.

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Source: Ukrainian paratrooper destroys nine enemy drones

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