Support for Ukraine must continue – Finland’s president

Western powers must demonstrate resilience in the situation around the Russian invasion of Ukraine and continue to support the embattled nation in its fight against Russian aggression.

That’s according to Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö, who spoke at a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during the latter’s visit to Finland, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“More serious is warfare in European Ukraine. We discussed a lot about that. Unfortunately, none of us saw a clear ending at the moment for that war. And that is surely a common problem for all Europeans, largely it is also a global worry,” the Finnish president said.

He noted that one of the words that come to his mind in this situation is “resilience.”

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“Resilience of Ukrainian people – they have been tested utmostly here and there are a lot of victims and casualties. They are fighting bravely and it seems that they continue. We had been hoping that the resilience of Russia would somehow be weakening. Unfortunately, very much of that is not at the moment in sight. And then there’s a question of our resilience. We want to help Ukrainians. And I’d like us to remind that, yes, what we have started, we will also continue,” the leader said.

He also noted that the move for Finland to join NATO, which was made in the wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine, was an event and triumph of Finnish democracy as the entire nation supported the step, as well as all branches of power.

The president noted that the country was surprised to hear Türkiye’s position, adding that in foreign politics there are all grounds to perceive seriously what partners say, and that is what Finland intends to do.

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Niinistö said his government is in contact with NATO and Ankara, noting that in the end, the parties would find a solution that would be approved by all.

Source: Support for Ukraine must continue – Finland’s president

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