Russian ships in Black Sea ready to launch 20 missiles


The naval group of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea is ready to strike Ukraine with 20 Kalibr cruise missiles.

“The naval group of the enemy fleet has not changed overnight, continues to keep a safe distance from the shore not to be exposed to another danger. However, 20 Kalibr cruise missiles are ready to be launched on Ukraine. A hostile landing operation is currently unlikely, but is not ruled out,” the Operational Command “South” posted on Facebook.

As of 13:00 on June 18, Russians continue pursuing tactics of artillery and mortar attacks and rocket attacks on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and localities in southern Ukraine. The enemy does not take active action, trying to gain a foothold on its lines of defense.

The Operational Command “South” notes that the Russians are constantly fighting for the division of territories and powers among themselves. Locals observe clashes between multinational units of the Russian army. The Russians also look for ways to leave their positions and return home.

The missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated nine Russians, three enemy Msta-B howitzers, and three vehicles last night.

Mines may be seen along the Black Sea coast, which were blown by the storm and drifted to shore.

As reported, on June 17, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and its missile and artillery units in particular executed about 120 fire missions, launched two airstrikes on the enemy in the south over the past day.


Source: Russian ships in Black Sea ready to launch 20 missiles

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