Morawiecki calls on Polish diplomats to form support for Ukraine around globe


The Russian authorities are afraid of the prospect of close cooperation between Poland and Ukraine and other countries in the region, which are united by the desire to counter the aggressor.

“Now a whole new Ukraine and a new concept of the Intermarium is being born, with Lithuania, Belarus free in the future, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic states, Romania. This is a concept that can create a certain geostrategic regional space with a very high denominator of common interests,” PM of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said at a meeting with Polish ambassadors on June 21, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

According to him, “it is worth working on”.

“Russia is frightened by the prospect of Poland’s cooperation with Ukraine, the Baltic states, and the restoration of Poland’s position in the international arena. We should not waste this opportunity,” Morawiecki stressed. He pointed out that Polish diplomacy should warn governments and societies of various countries about the threat posed by Russia.

The Prime Minister expressed his conviction that “Ukraine’s sovereignty is a condition of Poland’s sovereignty” in the long run. Therefore, Polish diplomats must wisely and consistently influence public opinion in the free world, forming support for Kyiv.

“Ukraine and its allies have the right to feel moral winners. However, moral victory is definitely not enough today, especially when there is an opponent on the other side who is guided by no moral principles,” Poland’s PM said.

He compared Russia to a “wounded bear” who still has enormous resources, so it is too early to talk about victory over it. According to him, the Kremlin is trying to rebuild an empire based on the traditions of tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union.

Currently, according to Morawiecki, the clash of two civilizations is ongoing, including in the information area. And it is difficult to counter Russian propaganda because of its massive nature.

Earlier, Poland’s PM Morawiecki said that the ideology of the “Russian world” is criminal as it is based on nationalism, imperialism, and colonialism. Moscow commits the crimes of genocide in Ukraine, so everything possible must be done for Kyiv to win this war.


Source: Morawiecki calls on Polish diplomats to form support for Ukraine around globe

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