“Tribunal for Putin”: human rights activists recorded almost 9 thousand crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

This was stated by the executive director of the Center for Civil Liberties Alexandra Romantsova during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine in Lviv.

“Human rights defenders, who since 2014 have had experience in documenting war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide and crimes of aggression, have united in order, firstly, to form a full-fledged database of all potential episodes of such crimes, and secondly, to interact with law enforcement agencies throughout the country. We have representatives of the organization in every region of Ukraine who collect data specifically on war crimes. Thus, our database now has about 9 thousand episodes, and for us this is not the limit,” Romantsova said.

She emphasized that the “Tribunal for Putin” initiative was created by human rights organizations to carry out a large-scale tribunal over the entire vertical of Putin’s power for aggression against Ukraine. The initiative cooperates with the OSCE, with UN commissions, with the European Court of human rights, as well as with the International Criminal Court.

“We also want to create a full-fledged tribunal on the sidelines of the UN, for which the UN General Assembly will directly vote. That is, every country in the world that is a member of the UN will be a voice,” Romantsova added.

Investigators find more evidence of Russian war crimes as the West pledges aid to Ukraine.

In addition to the testimony of a person who can tell as an eyewitness, participants in the initiative can use media or social media reports to collect information. Information about Russian crimes on the territory of Ukraine can also be posted on the first page of the website of the Ukrainian Helsinki human rights Union. Representatives of the initiative guarantee that information will not be provided to publicly available sources. Participants of the “Tribunal for Putin” initiative note that there is a positive case in international judicial practice when even propagandists were involved in the tribunal. “There is a case of the Nuremberg trials, where propagandists who incited the war were actually brought to justice,” Ruslan Topolevsky from the NGO Center for legal and Political Studies SIM summed up.

In general, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, law enforcement officers have registered more than 17.5 thousand crimes of aggression and war crimes. In addition, Ukrainian law enforcement officers registered 8,477 crimes against national security.

The Ukrainian government has set up various digital nodes to collect witness accounts and information about atrocities and damages:

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