Russia considers territory of Ukraine as bridgehead for seizing other European countries, – Zelenskyi

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi emphasized that Europe should become completely independent from Russia.

The head of state said this during a speech at the 26th annual government round table

“Russia considers the territory of our state as a springboard to seize other European countries. Therefore, to provide security to Ukraine is to provide long-term security to the whole of Europe. But this does not only apply to our state. Now Europe is united to the extent that it was not united for many decades.

Even 5 years ago, it was impossible to imagine that Europe would achieve such a union. And many discussions were held about how far the division of Europe will go,” the president noted.

According to Zelenskyi, Ukraine has corrected this.

“We should work on even greater unity. Europe is a global subject, it should be and can only be with Ukraine. Europe should become completely independent, in particular from Russia. From its ability to put pressure on everyone,” he concluded President.

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