Information Warfare: russian fakes for July 12th, 2022

Millions of Ukrainians are encountering russian propaganda every day. It spreads through TV, radio, mass media, social networks, and word of mouth. To defeat the enemy, we must fight it on all fronts. To this end, we have prepared a daily compilation of russian fakes.

FAKE: Ukrainian strike on Nova Kakhovka was a terrorist attack



A Ukrainian artillery strike on a russian ammunition depot in the occupied Nova Kakhovka was a major blow against the russian military. The images and footage of the depot exploding quickly spread all over the Internet. Trying to forestall the news about this Ukrainian success and the reputation hit that would have come with it, russian propaganda decided to flip the narrative and portray the attack as an attack against civilians. Basically, they wanted to accuse Ukrainians of something russians regularly do themselves, thus creating a false moral equivalency, while denying Ukrainians their military success at the same time.

Unfortunately, they could not keep their story straight. From the videos, it was clear that the AFU hit a military target. The secondary explosions, the characteristic “fireworks” display, and the sounds of ammo cooking off hours after the strike – all pointed at an ammunition depot. But the russian propagandists claimed that Ukrainians hit the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant. At first. Then they said it was a warehouse with humanitarian aid. Then – that the Ukrainians targeted a hospital and civilian apartment building. Then it was a Hydroelectric turbine factory, and, finally, fertilizer storage. Bizarrely, russian propagandists forgot the first rule of lying: if you have a story, you should stick to it.

Additionally, russians tried to manipulate the UN response to this incident. russian propaganda claimed that the UN condemned the Ukrainian attack against civilians, but the UN representative said he had no commentary about the Nova Kakhovka missile strike and stated that the UN stands against attacks on civilian targets in general.

FAKE: Canadians are Satanists



We are back to our favorite propaganda narrative: everyone who russia doesn’t like is serving the Prince of Darkness. Not Ozzy Ozbourne, the one from the Bible.

russians really do love to go back to the basics. Without proper logical arguments and facts to demonize their enemies, they resort to something that would appeal to deeply religious and highly superstitious, and poorly educated russian people – stories about Western hedonism, corruption, wickedness, and Satan.

All because Canada dared to sanction Patriarch Kirill, the Primate of the russian Orthodox Church, close friend and ally of vladimir putin, russian war crime apologist, and former KGB operative.

Be advised: russia is waging a full-scale information war against Ukraine. There are multitudes of new fakes swarming through the mass media every day. To protect you and your family, be sure to obtain and share your information only from official sources.

Official information channels:

· Office of the President of Ukraine

· General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces

· CinC AF of Ukraine

· Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

· Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

· Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

· Security Service of Ukraine

· Ministry of Internal Affairs

· National Police of Ukraine

· State Emergency Service of Ukraine

· State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

· Centre for Strategic Communication

· Centre for Disinformation Resistance

· State Special Communications Service of Ukraine

· Ukrainian Ground Forces

· Ukrainian Navy

· Territorial Defense Forces

· National Bank of Ukraine

Information about transportation and infrastructure:

· Ministry of Infrastructure

· Ukrainian Railways 

· Airspace of Ukraine

· State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine

· Boryspil International Airport

· Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

· Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv

· State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety

Keep calm and trust only official sources. Ukraine will prevail!

The material was prepared by ZMiST. Please follow ZMiST on Twitter and Facebook.

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