Successful actions of Ukraine partisans in occupied territories

On July 3, the partisans blew up the railway bridge between Melitopol and Tokmak, the explosion occurred in the occupied village of Lyubimivka. It is not difficult to guess this railway branch used by occupiers to transport warehouses with weapons and military equipment to the front. However, now due to “technical reasons” help may not arrive.

Reminding, on July 2 near Melitopol, thanks to the partisans, an armored train with ammunition “accidentally” derailed. The event happened between Yakymivka and Melitopol. In April, a railway bridge was also blown up by the heroes of resistant movement in this area.

In occupied Donetsk, the partisans painted pro-Ukrainian slogans in the city.

In occupied Donetsk, unknown partisans painted pro-Ukrainian slogans in the city.

Even 8 years of occupation does not stop resistance, and the occupiers continue to study geography. Reminder, in May in Donetsk locals painted Ukrainian symbols in the Shchytinin area.

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