PM Shmyhal visits Chernihiv region: Towns and villages returning to normal life


Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal visited Chernihiv region and noted that the towns and villages that had suffered from the Russian military were gradually returning to normal life.

As Shmyhal posted on Telegram, Chernihiv region was one of the first to face the Russian barbarians, and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to hide in shelters under shelling for weeks.

“Today, we have visited one of these schools in the village of Yahidne, Chernihiv region. For over a month, the occupiers held more than three hundred residents hostage in the school basement. In fact, the entire population of this settlement. Fifty children and even babies. As a result of the brutality of the invaders, 10 people died of suffocation, seven were killed, and one went missing,” Shmyhal wrote.

He noted that now the towns and villages of the region were gradually returning to normal life.

“The Dobrobat [Volunteer Battalion] units are engaged in the restoration of residential buildings. All damages are recorded and entered in the register. The government has already allocated 400 million to Chernihiv region for priority measures. Of them, 150 million will be used to restore the full-fledged operation of Chernihivvodokanal [local water supply company],” the Head of Government informed.

Currently, it is important to restore heat and water supply in populated localities in order to ensure normal life there, Shmyhal emphasized.

“We will restore and rebuild everything better than it was,” he summed up.

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale offensive on Ukraine. In February-March, Chernihiv region was the area of active hostilities. In April, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Chernihiv region. The enemy is still shelling Chernihiv border areas and launching rocket attacks on populated areas of the region.

Photo: Denys Shmyhal, Telegram


Source: PM Shmyhal visits Chernihiv region: Towns and villages returning to normal life

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