There are no signs that weapons for Ukraine have gone anywhere other than fighting Russian Federation

The US Defense Ministry sees no signs that American weapons for Ukraine have gone anywhere other than the battlefield against the Russian occupiers.

This was announced at a briefing by a representative of the Pentagon

“We don’t track the weapons. I mean, we know very well that the Ukrainians are using the weapons that we gave them, and we haven’t seen any signs that those weapons have gone anywhere other than to fight the Russians,” – he said.

To a clarifying question about why the Pentagon is so sure that the weapons that the US transferred to the Ukrainians are in Ukraine and are being used against the Russian Federation, the official replied that “not tracking and not knowing where the weapons are going are two different things.”

“Not tracking and not knowing where these weapons are going, I think, are different things, and I mean we don’t track the use of our particular weapons by the Ukrainians, but we also don’t see any indication anywhere else that these weapons have been transferred to anyone except the Armed Forces,” he explained.

According to the representative of the US Ministry of Defense, Ukraine has already received 12 HIMARS. He noted that Ukrainian defenders use 8 of them.

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He added that last week the US provided Ukraine with additional 155 mm calibers, which “have decent accuracy

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