Russia can use gas as weapon. European Union is preparing for any scenarios, – Borrell

Russia uses energy resources as a weapon against the West, and the European Union is preparing for any scenario that may arise as a result of the interruption of their supply.

This was stated by EU High Representative Josep Borrell in Brussels before the start of the meeting of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers.

“We know that Russia can use gas as a weapon against us. De facto, they are already doing it, reducing gas supplies. On Wednesday, the European Commission will discuss the prospects for gas supplies. But these are different things. We do not intend to stop supporting Ukraine or applying sanctions against Russia. Of course, there are risks for energy supply, everyone knows about it. Not today, but in the next few days, the European Commission, and after that – the Council of the EU will prepare all plans to be ready for any possible situation,” Borrell said.

He emphasized that the European sanctions introduced by the EU in response to the aggression of the Russian Federation are really affecting the Russian economy, affecting the production of cars, engines, electrical equipment and other types of technological products. According to the high representative of the EU, the Russian economy is paying a high price for this war.

“I insist that sanctions are one thing. Actions that Russia can take against us using gas (as a weapon. – Ed.) is another. We have to fight in both directions. … We will continue to implement these sanctions . We must have strategic patience and strategic resilience. This will not end in a day, a week or a month. So the application (of sanctions. – Ed.) must continue every day. We must see how it works, close the “gaps”, see what others are doing countries. It’s not about just announcing sanctions. They need to be implemented, and this is important work that needs to be done,” Borrell emphasized.

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