Support of Ukraine, timely delivery of enough western weapons and ammunition will ultimately decide the course of the war.

Austrian Federal Minister for European and International Affairs Alexander Schallenberg has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not win the war he started against Ukraine. “The goal is that Putin does not win. Putin failed to destroy Ukraine, he failed to divide the West,” Schallenberg said.

According to him, his joint visit to Kyiv with Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky is a “clear sign of solidarity from Central Europe,” and the Slavkov format “works as a whole.”

Schallenberg said that now it is important to ensure the existence of a world where international law and the rule of law apply, and not “the law of the strongest.”

He recalled that Austria, as a neutral state, provides Ukraine with mostly humanitarian aid. In general, financial support from Austria amounts to about EUR 80 million. About 980 tonnes of humanitarian aid were delivered to Ukraine, and 38 fire and rescue vehicles were handed over to the country. Austria also took in about 80,000 refugees from Ukraine.

“We will continue to support Ukraine in solidarity. We will rebuild this country – as soon as it becomes possible again,” the Austrian minister said.

Western countries have been sending the latest self-propelled artillery to Ukraine, allowing the country’s forces to adopt ‘shoot and scoot’ tactics. One weapon being utilised by the Ukrainian military is the German PzH 2000, which has a maximum off-road speed of 28 miles an hour and fires accurate rapid shots. This allows personnel to fire and leave the area before the enemy has time to fix its target and return fire. Despite all, it’s still not enough to resolve this big tragedy and threat to the international security.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are keeping up their bombardment of cities across Ukraine. Russian missiles struck a residential area of Kramatorsk, a city in eastern Ukraine Tuesday. At least one person died and several others were wounded. Russian troops are increasingly targeting the city as they try to push further into the Donbas region.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the strike in Kramatorsk as well the several others across the country – calling them acts of terror.

Ukrainian leaders say it is the timely delivery of enough Western weapons and ammunition, support of Ukraine will ultimately decide the course of the war.

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