Johnson visits Ukrainian military trained by British instructors


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the Ukrainian military being trained at a British army base in North Yorkshire this week and personally handled the weapons the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive from their British friends.

A video posted on Johnson’s Twitter account shows the politician wearing camouflage gear and tactical headphones testing a range of weapons under the watchful eye of British commanders. Johnson also holds NLAW anti-tank rocket launcher and throws a grenade as he watches Ukrainian soldiers train alongside the British military.

“This week I visited Ukrainian troops being trained by the British Armed Forces in North Yorkshire. The UK is committed to doing all we can to help Ukraine continue to repel Russian aggression,” the politician posted.

He also addressed the Ukrainians: “I just want you to know that the people of the United Kingdom support the people of Ukraine and support you in your fight. And I am absolutely convinced that you can win and that you will win… I know that in the end the Ukrainian people are going to succeed. I know that the Ukrainian forces are going to succeed.”

About 400 Ukrainian military personnel are currently being trained in North Yorkshire. Johnson said that Great Britain planned to train about 10,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the next four months.

The visit is made just days after Johnson agreed to resign.

The head of government focused on support for Ukraine in his foreign policy, with his country providing greater security assistance than any other country except the United States. Britain, according to Johnson, has sent to Ukraine, in particular, 6,900 units of anti-tank weapons, 120 armoured vehicles, rocket launch systems, etc. This equipment, he hopes, has already started to push back Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

As reported, Johnson visited Kyiv twice after the start of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

Photo: Twitter


Source: Johnson visits Ukrainian military trained by British instructors

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