Ukrainian bravery inspires all free nations which capable of stopping russian tyranny.

The wrenching images and stories from Ukraine should spur NATO—a trans-Atlantic, defensive, military and political alliance—to think harder how to continue the supply of modern and effective weapons to Ukraine in sufficient quantities to finally break the offensive potential of Russian tyranny.

Ukrainian are fighting for the land, for human rights or the right of one nation, the Ukrainians, to live independently and for freedom in Europe. Ukrainian are fighting together with western allies to ensure that war is never again seen by any aggressor as a means of achieving aggressive goals.

The mankind, perhaps for the first time in its history, are now able to show everyone in the world and for ages that democracies, united, can stop any tyranny, even if at first it seems that it has unlimited resources for aggression.

But this can become a reality only if Russia loses on the battlefield in Ukraine. That is why it is necessary to continue the supply of modern and effective weapons to our state in sufficient quantities to finally break the offensive potential of Russian tyranny. Sanctions against Russia must be strengthened and applied against all those who commit or support terror. And it is necessary to involve more nations in our coalition for the defense of freedom – especially those against whom Russia in the XXI century decided to use one of the most terrible types of weapons – hunger, artificial hunger.

Kyiv is taking advantage of Western weapons supplies that are shifting the balance on the battlefield and contributing to a marked slowdown in Russia’s push to take territories in the eastern Donbas area, where Russia made piecemeal gains before announcing an operational pause early this month. Dmytro Butrii, the Kherson region’s military governor, said Ukrainian forces had so far liberated 44 towns and villages, or about 15% of the territory.

Total combat losses of Russian Federation since beginning of war – about 40 070 people, 222 planes, 190 helicopters, 1738 tanks and 3971 armored vehicles.

The democracies of the world are capable of stopping any tyranny. We are capable of stopping any evil that threatens our freedom. Only the joint leadership of the entire free world can be enough for this. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, called on the Western countries not to try to shout down the state media of the Russian Federation, but simply to close them. “Russian state media is not an alternative point of view and has nothing to do with media freedom. It is state propaganda whose sole purpose is to distort reality, destroy democracy and destroy freedom of speech. Don’t try to shout over them, just shut them down,” the Ukrainian minister said.

And patience should be enough. Patience on the way to victory. No one knows today how much time and effort it will take to reach it.

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