Russian Army has lost 80,000 killed, wounded and prisoners of war in Ukraine – Wallace


Russia’s army has failed to achieve any of its strategic objectives and has lost more than 80,000 killed, wounded, prisoners of war and deserters.

This was stated by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, in his speech to British parliamentarians, informs Censor.NЕТ referring to LIGA.

“Russia continues to lose significant amounts of equipment and personnel. It is estimated that more than 25,000 Russian soldiers have been killed to date, and all in all, if we take into account those killed, captured and tens of thousands registered as deserters, it is more than 80,000 killed, wounded and other categories,” the British Defense Minister said.

He predicts that such losses will have a long-term impact on the Russian army and its future fighting ability.

Wallace stressed that Russia has yet to achieve any of its strategic objectives, and is now in the 194th day of “what should have generally been a campaign of the month.”

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Regarding Ukraine’s counterattack in the South, British Minister stated that Ukraine has inflicted serious defeats on a number of river crossings in order to limit logistical support for the Russian army.

“To date, the Ukrainian army is engaging Russian forces, implementing both artillery and ground operations. They are making real progress, but understandably, as we have seen elsewhere in this conflict, the fighting is close and heavy, and Ukraine is suffering casualties associated with the attacking forces,” the British Defense Minister said. Source:

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