Russia orchestrating protests in Moldova – Interior Ministry


Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova, Ana Revenco, said that the Russian Federation was behind the anti-government protests ongoing in the country.

That’s according to NewsMaker, Ukrinform reports.

“These are fugitive criminals who are trying to escape from justice. Of course, they act along with certain parties. Moscow is also behind them, as we can see,” Revenco said, answering the question of who could stand behind the anti-government protests in the country.

The minister said that protests in Moldova intend to destabilize the situation in the country.

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“The bet is on destabilizing Moldova, making the country, society, and government vulnerable through propaganda, fake news, blocking businesses, discrediting the authorities and leaders, including law enforcement agencies. All is in order to weaken the country and use it as a bargaining chip in the European space,” she said.

According to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Moldovan authorities are working jointly with international partners to intervene if necessary.

“Any subversive action, any subversive activity against the state will be prosecuted accordingly,” she added.

As reported, the Shor party has held multiple protest actions in Moldova over the recent months. The force demands the president’s resignation, the parliament’s dissolution, and the holding of snap elections. Recently, the party We Build Europe at Home (PACE), led by Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, who is on the country’s wanted list, also joined the protests.

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President Maia Sandu, commenting on the rallies in Chisinau, said that the organizers pursue the goal of destabilizing the country.

Sandu welcomed the move by the United States to impose sanctions on several Moldovan and Russian nationals over systemic corruption and their attempts to meddle in Moldova’s elections.

Photo: Newsmaker

Source: Russia orchestrating protests in Moldova - Interior Ministry

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