Ukrainian recruits continue training in Britain with Australian instructors

Australian Army instructors will be training Ukrainian recruits in Britain for the next five weeks as part of Operation Kudu.

That’s according to the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Ukrinform reports.

“The third rotation of Ukrainian recruits has commenced initial training with Australian Army soldiers as part of Operation Kudu in the United Kingdom. The early wake-up calls and uniform checks are not dissimilar from any Australian initial military training course. The difference? In just five weeks’ time, the recruits will graduate from the course with skills to defend their home country in a real conflict,” the report reads.

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Australian Army instructors are teaching weapon handling and firing, rural and urban fighting, trench warfare, and medical survival skills.

Each lesson is built from the experience of the Ukrainian troops, who have fought hard over the past year, the report notes, adding that many of the recruits are university students and everyday employees.

“From the first time they picked up a weapon, their commitment was obvious,” one of the Australian platoon commanders said. “They are eager to learn.”

In one week, recruits learnt the basics of how to assemble their field pack, and mastered the complexities of rifle, grenade and anti-armor weapon systems. They were soon ready to march into their first field exercise, where they learned how to live and survive in a tactical field environment.

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This contingent of Australian Army instructors is the second rotation to deploy on Operation.

“Australia continues to stand with the people of Ukraine, and is providing ongoing support in response to Russia’s continuing violation of international law,” General Staff stressed.

Having arrived the United Kingdom in January 2023, a contingent of up to 70 ADF personnel have joined partner nations in the UK-led and based training programme for Ukrainian recruits.

“No Australians will enter Ukraine as part of Operation Kudu,” the report concludes.

Source: Ukrainian recruits continue training in Britain with Australian instructors

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