Berlin urges Kremlin to extend grain deal

The German side calls on the Russian leadership to reconsider its decision to withdraw from the grain deal.

A representative of the German federal government, Christiane Hoffmann, stated this at a briefing on Monday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to her, Berlin took note of the Kremlin’s statement.

Germany continues to call on Russia to make another extension of the grain deal possible and not to put this confrontation on the shoulders of the poorest people on this planet, Hoffmann said.

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In his turn, Anton Hofreiter, a member of the Green Party (which is part of the ruling coalition) in the Bundestag, said on Welt that Putin is constantly trying to blackmail the world with the policy of famine. Russian propaganda is spreading fake news that the West allegedly does not allow the export of Russian agricultural products, in particular, grain. But, the politician reminded, such products from Russia are not subject to sanctions. This should be understood by the states of the global South. Meanwhile, the West should help them prevent a famine catastrophe, specifically by expanding alternative export routes.

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As reported, on Monday, the last Ukrainian ship with grain left the port of Odesa under the grain deal, which expired on July 17 and was not extended, according to Moscow.

Source: Berlin urges Kremlin to extend grain deal

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