Cluster bombs transferred to Ukraine exceeded expectations – expert


The cluster munitions that Ukraine received from its Western partners exceeded the expectations of both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and foreign analysts.

Military expert Mykhailo Zhyrokhov said this on Ukrainian Radio, Ukrinform reports.

He explained that this type of ammunition was designed to hit targets in open terrain, while now, thanks to this ammunition, Ukrainian soldiers are inflicting heavy losses on the invasion army even within their fortifications.

“Cluster munitions are a temporary replacement for high-explosive incendiary ammunition, the production of which is expanding. But the effectiveness of cluster munitions came as a surprise for Western analysts and our military, because they were designed to destroy the enemy in open terrain. And now we encounter more fortifications of the occupiers. And even against these targets, the cluster shells turned out to be quite effective. The increase in personnel losses among the Russians is precisely the effect of these shells,” the military expert said.

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He also touched on the subject of the supply of ‘ordinary’ projectiles for the Ukrainian army by partners from the EU for EUR 1 million, noting that this will not happen all at once. “The supply of shells in large amounts is a program and a long-term game. This does not mean that the shells will come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Now the process of expanding production is underway, because after the Cold War, most of the production lines for shells were mothballed. And now the Western partners and their allies deploy them,” the expert said.

At the same time, Zhyrokhov stated that it is not only the Ukrainian Armed Forces that lack ammunition.

“The Russians face shell hunger, despite the fact that they have production lines. But the Ukrainian military, with whom I spoke, say that the intensity of the use of Russian artillery has decreased several times. Now our artillery prevails on the front,” the military expert said.

Source: Cluster bombs transferred to Ukraine exceeded expectations - expert

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