Ukraine hopes to receive $14B for recovery – Shmyhal


Ukraine this year expects to attract $45.8 billion from international partners for budget financing and $14 billion for rapid recovery.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said this at a conference of Ukrainian ambassadors, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“This year, our task is to attract $45.8 billion for budget financing and $14 billion for the so-called rapid recovery. This is what we critically need in order to give society hope and morale regarding our struggle and ensure the unity of our state and the moral and psychological state of society,” Shmyhal said.

According to him, Ukraine has already attracted $28 billion.

At the same time, Shmyhal said that Ukraine’s partners support the country during this war, but after it ends, the level of support will decrease significantly.

“We will be left virtually alone with our problems. Support will be much lower. This should be taken into account and maximum efforts should be made today,” he said.

Shmyhal urged those present to work actively on drawing the world’s attention to Ukraine in order not to reduce the level of interest. He emphasized the important role of diplomats who are now very multifaceted and multifunctional, because they have to deal with everything, including weapons, medicines and humanitarian issues.

“For me, the diplomatic front is no less important than the front held by our boys and girls, our fighters. And you maintain a diplomatic front,” Shmyhal said.

Photo: Denys Shmyhal / Telegram

Source: Ukraine hopes to receive $14B for recovery - Shmyhal

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