Ukraine’s Azov brigade returns to front


The Ukrainian National Guard’s Azov Brigade has returned to the front line and started carrying out combat missions in the Serebriansky Forestry area near Kreminna, Luhansk region.

Mykola Urshalovych, acting director of the planning department at the main directorate of the National Guard, said this at a briefing on Thursday, August 17, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“The legendary special forces brigade Azov was reinstated and started to carry out combat missions in the Serebriansky Forestry area. Azov soldiers reliably hold the lines and inflict devastating losses on the enemy in terms of manpower and equipment,” he said.

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According to Urshalovych, on August 15, the brigade’s gunners destroyed a Russian mortar and BAT-2 engineering vehicle in the Serebriansky Forestry area. He noted that both targets had been struck by direct hits.

He said that in the Berdiansk sector, mortar units of the National Guard provided support to Ukrainian forces during the liberation of the village of Urozhaine in the eastern Donetsk region.

“National Guard units carried out the clearing and demining of the liberated settlement. Currently, [National Guard soldiers] have entrenched themselves on the achieved lines and are repelling counterattacks by the enemy’s assault groups who are trying to take back the positions they lost,” he said.

On August 4, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said that the Azov brigade commander, Denys Prokopenko, has already joined the army.

Photo: Ukrainian Interior Ministry 

Source: Ukraine's Azov brigade returns to front

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