Baerbock states need to reform UN


The current structure of the United Nations does not correspond to the realities and new challenges therefore it requires reform.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, who spoke before the start of the UN General Assembly, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The UN reflects the world of the last century, not this century. Therefore, it needs to be upgraded,” the diplomat said.

She noted the increasingly important role of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, which are underrepresented in various UN bodies.

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The head of the German Foreign Ministry reported that Germany, together with Namibia, is preparing a Congress on the future of the UN, which is set to be held next year. Berlin is also working with countries such as Brazil, India, and Japan on the issue of reforming the UN Security Council.

According to Baerbock, the Federal Republic of Germany will run for the post of a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the period of 2027-2028.

The diplomat recalled that exactly 50 years ago, Germany became a member of the UN, which was founded as a reaction to the horrific crimes of Nazi Germany – the Holocaust and the outbreak of the Second World War. Therefore, according to the minister, membership in the UN imposes on Berlin a special responsibility for maintaining the world order, which is based on rules that should primarily protect the rights of weaker countries, for compliance with the UN Charter and human rights.

“And we constantly make it clear that we are responsible when the rules of a peaceful world order are flouted. This is especially relevant in the context of the brutal war waged by the Russian Federation,” said the head of the German Foreign Ministry.

She noted that the current UN General Assembly is particularly important in view of the problems that the war unleashed by Russia has caused for the most vulnerable countries.

“It is really surprising that some countries around Russia are questioning the very issues of the weakest in this world, the issues of food security and health care, etc.,” Baerbock said.

As reported, the UN General Assembly is being held in New York this week.

Photo by Olha Tanasiychuk

Source: Baerbock states need to reform UN

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