Russian propaganda spreading photo fake to discredit Ukrainian fans at Euro 2024

Propagandists continue to feed a narrative that the West is tired of Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin media outlets and Telegram channels have shared the photo of an announcement for football fans that allegedly appeared in the sports bar Carambolage in Stuttgart. In connection with the European Football Championship, which is currently taking place in Germany, the administration of the establishment supposedly urged visitors to refrain from racist insults and discussing politics while watching games. The notice allegedly appeared in both German and Ukrainian, which, according to the propagandists, makes Ukrainians the direct recipients of this “request”.

This is a fake. The “announcement” was created in a graphic editor. The photo has nothing to do with Carambolage and was taken in an entirely different location. This is evidenced by numerous photos that can be found on Google maps and on the official resources of the sportcafé. The interior of the bar used by propagandists to create the fake is entirely differs from the interior of Carambolage. The style and color scheme are different.

In a comment to an Ukrinform correspondent, representatives of Carambolage confirmed that the photo was a fake and was not taken in their sportcafé, and added that the administration has no such requirements for visitors.

This fake is aimed at discrediting Ukrainians and is part of the Kremlin’s information campaign about the West’s tiredness from our country and citizens, the ultimate goal of which is to reduce international support for Ukraine. 

After the start of Euro 2024, Russian propaganda intensified anti-Ukrainian fakes around the tournament. Earlier, Ukrinform has refuted photo and video fakes from the Euro 2024 first round match with the participation of the Ukrainian national team.

Dmytro Badrak, Olga Tanasiychuk

Source: Russian propaganda spreading photo fake to discredit Ukrainian fans at Euro 2024

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