Russian contractor decides to surrender rather than be killed

The occupier was afraid that he would be killed by his troops, so he ‘lagged behind’ when he had a chance.
‘It is my initiative to surrender so that my own soldiers don’t kill me. Mom, do you know what’s going on here? Our troops are killing civilians,’ the prisoner tells his mother.
He says the invaders do not want to exchange prisoners, and Russian propaganda is lying about the situation in Ukraine.
Commanders have been putting in soldiers’ heads that Ukraine has been taken over by national-socialists gangs that are killing their own citizens. So, Ukrainians must be ‘liberated’ immediately.
After the invasion, the Russian occupier ‘opened his eyes’ and saw a completely different picture. That’s why he decided to run away from commanders and voluntarily lay down his arms.
This is the right decision for any invader. Only in this way, they can save their lives!

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