Kubrakov: Russians damaged 30% of Ukraine's infrastructure worth $100B


Russia’s invasion has damaged or destroyed up to 30% of Ukraine’s infrastructure at a cost of $100 billion. The reconstruction could be achieved in two years using frozen Russian assets to help finance it.

“Practically all components of our transport infrastructure have suffered in one form or another,” Infrastructure Minister of Ukraine Oleksander Kubrakov told Reuters.

He said that Russia’s invasion had affected 20% to 30% of all infrastructure with varying degrees of damage, with different levels of destruction.

Kubrakov said more than 300 bridges on national roads had been destroyed or damaged, more than 8,000 km of roads had to be repaired or rebuilt and dozens of railway bridges had been blown up.

The infrastructure minister said he expected Western nations to support Ukraine’s reconstruction, adding that funds could be found from a range of sources to support the rebuilding effort.

“There are several sources that are being considered. The first is the assets of the Russian Federation, which are now frozen in almost all major countries,” he noted.


Source: Kubrakov: Russians damaged 30% of Ukraine's infrastructure worth $100B

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