Russia lifts age cap for contracted soldiers


Both chambers of the Russian parliament have passed a bill abolishing the age cap for concluding the first contract with the Russian armed forces.

That’s according to Meduza news outlet, Ukrinform reports.

The State Duma unanimously adopted the new legislation at first reading and in general. The Federation Council approved the amendments with 159 votes for and one abstained.

According to the current legislation, the first contract for military service can be concluded by Russian citizens aged 18 to 40, as well as foreigners under the age of 30. The memo to the new amendments states that people of working age shall be eligible for signing such contract. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov explained that these are people under 50. “Until what age can we now take Russian and foreign citizens for military service under contract? One can answer absolutely accurately – up to 50 years of age. Russians, who are currently in reserve as privates and sergeants, are on the military register until the age of 50. In fact, this is the category we can work with,” Pankov said.

The memo states that the use of high-precision weapons, operation of weapons and military equipment requires highly professional specialists. Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Andrey Kartapolov and his deputy Andrey Krasov, the authors of the amendments, believe a sufficient level of professionalism is achieved at the age of 40 to 45.

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On February 24, at the initiative of Russian President Putin, Russia launched a new phase of the eight-year war against Ukraine – a full-scale offensive. The enemy is shelling and bombing peaceful Ukrainian towns and villages. The Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Territorial Defense Forces, and the entire Ukrainian people are effectively resisting and inflicting heavy losses on Russian troops.

After the start of the war, the global community subjected Russia to large-scale sanctions. On the contrary, Ukraine receives various types of modern weapons.

Source: Russia lifts age cap for contracted soldiers

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