Ukraine, Poland sign memo on restoring energy interconnector


Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko and Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland Anna Moskwa signed a Memorandum of Intent on cooperation in the field of energy.

This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to Ukraine’s energy ministry.

The document was agreed to boost energy security in Central and Eastern Europe and to drop Russian energy supplies. The memorandum states the intention to restore the interstate air power line between Ukraine and Poland to put it into operation at a 400 kV voltage as soon as possible.

“The commissioning of the interstate air line between Ukraine and Poland will increase the stability of our connection with the energy systems of the ENTSO-E nations and promote further synchronization and integration of energy markets. Its launch will potentially allow Ukraine to increase electricity exports to Poland to 1 GW. This will help Poland largely replace Russian gas and coal. I am grateful to our Polish friends for their constant and comprehensive support,” Galushchenko said.

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The parties support further integration of Ukraine into the European energy market and reform of Ukraine’s domestic energy markets in line with European principles to accelerate the integration of the power and gas markets of both nations. Poland also supports Ukraine’s intention to become a full member of ENTSO-E.

The Ministry of Energy emphasizes that the restoration of the interconnector will contribute to the security of the Ukrainian power system and the energy systems of European nations, as well as significantly increase the possibility of power supplies between Poland and Ukraine. The parties also agreed to develop market rules for calculating and allocating capacity.

Source: Ukraine, Poland sign memo on restoring energy interconnector

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