Zaluzhnyi’s special advisor Dan Rice believes China not to join Russia’s aggression


Daniel Rice, a special advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhnyi of Ukraine, believes that China will not supply Russia with weapons because Bejing has seen every mistake made by Vladimir Putin.

The official spoke with journalists on the occasion of his appointment as President of the American University of Kyiv, answering the questions of an Ukrinform correspondent.

“Iran is foolish enough to join here. I don’t think China will be. I think Xi Jinping has seen every mistake made by Putin and he does not want to join that axis of idiots. I don’t think that there’ll be joining or supplying,” said Rice.

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Zaluzhnyi’s special advisor also noted that at first Iranian drones were successful, but now the Ukrainian Army has learned to shoot them down.

As reported, the United States is monitoring the developments surrounding the potential visit of China’s President Xi Jinping to Moscow and, in particular, whether China will make a “big mistake” regarding the supply of lethal aid to Russia.

Source: Zaluzhnyi's special advisor Dan Rice believes China not to join Russia's aggression

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