Journalists found Russian looter Agafonov, who stole phone from 10-year-old Ivanka from Trostyanets.

Journalists searched for the Russian occupier Danilo Agafonov, who took the phone from 10-year-old Ivanka from Trostyanets.

“Do you remember 10-year-old Ivanka from Trostyanets, from whom the occupiers took away a telephone and a power bank with rhinestones at the checkpoint?She was sad then, but soon the Ukrainian military returned her favorite pink phone and made the little girl happy. We decided to make everyone even happier and found an orc who took Ivanka’s phone. Here he is, 19-year-old Danil Agafonov from the Smolensk region. The driver is a mechanic from the Kantemirov division, which our Armed Forces defeated in the Sumy region. One of the commanders of this type of elite division then shot himself. And Danil Agafonov was taken prisoner – together with Ivanka’s pink phone, which he pretended to be his own. This is the story of the happy ending, of which there are very few in these difficult days. In the end, we will find every orc who came to our land to kill, rape, and steal children’s phones! “- said the journalists.

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