Ukrainian language has become the official language in the city of Brazil

The relevant bill was unanimously supported by all MPs present at the meeting held on 5 October. The author of the document is Vittorio Sorotiuk, lawyer, head of the Ukrainian-Brazilian Central Representation and vice-president of the Ukrainian World Congress.

“The municipality of Prudentopolis has already established friendly relations with the Ternopil region, from where most Ukrainian immigrants come to Brazil. The new law will open up new opportunities for the exchange of specialists, the training of young people at the university level in Ukraine or by electronic means, remotely,” the statement reads.

The Ternopil city council reported that 75% of Prudentopolis’ total population is ethnic Ukrainians, mostly from Ternopil region.

Therefore, radio programmes are still broadcast there in Ukrainian, there are publications in Ukrainian and religious festivities.

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