Moscow takes money from residents of Donbas. Investigation by journalist Denis Kazansky into resale of Ukrainian coal to Russia

The money that Ukrainian miners earn in blood and sweat from mines located in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine finds its way into the pockets of Russians thanks to the dexterity of local “politicians” and tame oligarchs – this was the conclusion reached by Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky after conducting his own journalistic investigation into Medvedchuk and his criminal business in ORDLO.

The video published by Kazansky demonstrates the criminal schemes Moscow is developing with coal in eastern Ukraine, which locals mine for paltry wages and sometimes for free. Moscow’s henchmen, the oligarchs working for Russia, have been lamenting the destruction of Donbass infrastructure for the eighth year and have no intention of stopping until it has been completely destroyed. Through their illegal deals, they and their masters are making insane profits in Donbass and profiting from the grief of Ukrainians – and one Ukrainian journalist found irrefutable evidence of this. It is precisely because of the big money that Russian security forces and Russian-controlled oligarchs will never allow the ordinary toilers of Donbass to restore justice – if only because it is completely contrary to their economic interests.

They should understand that Russia will only leave Donbass when it has squeezed all the resources out of it and can resell them to other countries, increasing the fortunes of its leaders. So who is really making money from the war in Donbass? To understand what is happening to Ukrainian coal where there is no Ukrainian government, see the investigation we publish below. We are waiting for your comments!

Схемы Медведчука. Как лидер ОПЗЖ зарабатывает на торговле углем Донбасса

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