Fake shooting of migrants in Priluki: how the Russian IPSO framed Belarusians in an attempt to deceive Ukrainians

Russian propagandists are actively spreading footage of the shooting of a group of people, allegedly filmed “in the Ukrainian town of Priluki”. The video first appeared in social networks, from where it quickly spread to major Russian media outlets. The caption to the video claimed that it depicted the “shooting by Ukrainian border guards of a group of refugees” in Priluki, Chernihiv region.

As evidence proving that the video was shot on Ukrainian territory, the Russians cite the inscription “PRILUKI” in the upper left corner of the video, which was shot in infrared. The idea of Russian propagandists could be called interesting or even successful, if not for one “but” – the above-mentioned inscription “PRILUKI” is really located in Priluki, but not in Ukraine, but in Belarus. The border village in the Brest region of Belarus called Priluki served as a location for shooting a propaganda video of the Russians, where they staged the shooting of migrants.

It is in the Brest district of Belarus where the latest developments in the hybrid attack of the Russian-Belarusian Union State on the European Union, called “migrant crisis” are taking place, so it is not surprising that the Russians filmed their masterpiece as they say “without stepping away from the box office”.

The Russian special services have degraded to level of cheap fakes which any schoolboy can find out. Even their colleague Urazmetov, an officer of the psychological operations unit of the Sevastopol reconnaissance brigade of the Russian Armed Forces, drew attention to the illiteracy of the video’s creators and commented on the fake on his Telegram: “Once everything is crooked in ours. Here is a recent example, my colleagues from some centre (I do not know who the author of the masterpiece and what our centre is) decided to conduct an operation to discredit the Ukrainian military against the background of the migrant crisis in Belarus… …guys, come to me in Sevastopol, I will hold a training session with you.

Time is passing, but there is still no progress in the media activities of the Russian special services. Another embarrassing error by Russians merely exposed their ignorance of geography and banal childish naivety. Viewers of the Russian fake movie genre can only continue to observe the transformation of the talents of its producers.

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