In occupied Luhansk, the occupying Cossacks massacre homeless animals: details

In Luhansk, which is currently occupied by illegal armed groups controlled by Russia, the problem of extermination of homeless animals has become acute. This is evidenced by the wave of outrage that locals have been raising over the past week.

From social networks it became known that homeless animals of Luhansk and other settlements of the so-called “L / DNR” suffer from outrage of representatives of local criminal armed groups. The problem outraged people after the post of a human rights activist on “VKontakte”, where she provided video evidence and other details of the incident.

In addition, the occupying authorities of Luhansk issued an order granting permission to shoot homeless animals that are allegedly en masse. In this regard, the region’s animal rights activists, including the “Center for the Protection of Animal Rights “Vita”, “Alliance of Animal Rights Defenders”, “Open Cages” and others. Now they are threatened with reprisals, and the “ORDLO” authorities want to cover up the case as soon as possible.

Thus, the authorities of the “Luhansk People’s Republic” with their own hands gave the public cause for indignation, and it will be difficult to extinguish this outbreak. It is obvious that the torture of animals was added to the violation of human rights, which once again confirms the thesis that in the territories occupied by Russian hybrid forces in Ukraine are real immoral criminals who have long earned a life sentence.

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