Russia has deployed troops with military equipment in 200 kilometers north of Kyiv | Vigilant Info

Russia has moved military equipment to Belarus, 200 kilometers north of Kyiv. This is mentioned in the Digital Forensic Research Lab blog. Russian multiple rocket launchers “Grad” were reportedly unloaded at the “Rechitsa” railway station in the Gomel region north of Kiev.

Photo of the camp with military equipment was published on Twitter, which was presumably taken in the Rechitsa region. The experts noticed in the photo is the 9T452 transport-loading vehicle of the same Uragan MLRS.

Twitter geolocated exif frame in a video from TikTok on the M10 highway near the “Ivanovka” stop. From there, a little more than 40 kilometers to the border with the Chernihiv region of Ukraine and about 90 kilometers from the Kyiv region. It is noteworthy that in the specified area there are no training grounds declared for the Russian-Belarusian exercises “Allied Resolve”, which was announced early and should take place in February.


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