Address by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine

Dear soldiers and sailors, sergeants and petty officers, officers, generals and admirals! Dear personnel of the Armed Forces!

Veil of uncertainty has been cast away.

The world has just seen what we knew for these eight years.

Thanks to your pluck, self-devotion and professionalism the plans of the enemy have been disrupted, the enemy that all these years has been cowardly waging a war, hiding behind women and children.

He shelled schools and civilian buildings, kidnapped and tortured, lied and intimidated, plundered and pillaged our land.

Yesterday, he showed his true face.

A face of a criminal who wants the entire world be his captive. Who is aware of his crime and is trying to entangle everyone in a web of mutual guarantees. He is scared, for no crime is left unpunished.

Thanks to the enemy, Europe has realized real price for avoiding honest answers.

The Kremlin has made yet another step towards resurrection of the Soviet Union, with a new Warsaw Pact and Berlin Wall.

The only thing that stands in between is Ukraine and its army.

Our choice is simple – to defend our country, our homes, our families. Nothing has changed for us.

Now we shall see more true friends at our side. And the false friends, who prompted us to capitulate for years, will no hide.

Tough road lies ahead. There will be losses. The pain, fear and disbelieve shall be overcome.

But the victory shall be our reward. Because we are on our land and the truth is with us.

The people support the Ukrainian army. The faith of people is a sign that we are doing aright.

Now, the efforts of the military-political command of the state and the Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are focused on the strengthening the defence, in particular, on maximising our partners’ support, which we have partly received. 

Many guided by emotions will urge to chaotic decisions. We will not allow this. Our strength is in unity and confidence, and in cool head.

Be patient. Hold a line.

For our brothers’ memory.

For those we love.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov   

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