“European Democrats“ publish statement in support of Ukraine

Political party “European Democrats ” have responded to military operation started by Russia in Ukraine. The party expresses its support of the Ukrainian people and calls for the Georgian Government to support Ukraine.

“As it was expected, Russia started a large-scale attack on Ukraine. This is the repetition of the 2008 war scenario, that Russia carried out in Georgia. That war never ended. Attack on Ukraine confirms, that Russia is trying to restore the so-called Soviet Union.

We “European Democrats” express our support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Everything must be done by the international community and partners to stop the war and maintain Ukraine’s sovereignty, in order to give Ukraine, the chance to withstand Russia’s aggression and to protect their own country.

I call for the Georgian government to help Ukrainian people: refugees, children, women. It could be not only humanitarian help but also ensuring their security. I was a refugee once myself, I have been through this, and I know very well how hard it is.

Today Georgia must declare clear support of Ukraine. Each Georgian citizen for whom the sovereignty of their country is important should have solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We must realize how many risks accompany the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If it won’t be possible to stop Russia and if Ukraine will be defeated, the next aim for Russia will be Georgia. As we are the “key” that Russia will need to restore the so-called Soviet Union in Transcaucasia.

The international community should start closely working with International Criminal Court, in order to apply international criminal sanctions against the Russian authorities. Georgia should be part of this process, as the aggression that was unveiled in Ukraine is further evidence for Hague that Russia used aggression against Georgia in 2008 and uses the same scenario in Ukraine today. Strict international criminal sanctions should be imposed on Russian authorities who started the war in Ukraine.”-stated Paata Davitaia, Chairman of “European Democrats”.

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