Situation with Russian attacks on Ukraine (morning of the third day)

Situation with Russian attacks on Ukraine (morning of the third day) Office of the President of Ukraine: “We continue to work and I will now briefly explain what is happening in our country. We knew that this night would be difficult, because Russia was supposed to and did use all its reserves in order to cause maximum damage to as many cities as possible. So far, I can tell they have failed – the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the National Police of Ukraine have complete control of the situation and the entire territory of Ukraine. Briefly on the directions of attacks. First, Southern direction. Southern direction. Heavy fights are taking place in the cities of Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa. It is obvious why this is so. This area is considered to be a top priority for Russia. They wanted to gain a foothold there, but there is no sign of success. And there won’t be. Second. Kyiv is the number one priority, as we understand it today because the key goal of the “special operation” declared by the Russian Federation is the demolition of Ukraine’s political and military leadership. For this purpose, an attempt was made to bring the maximum amount of equipment and forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to Kyiv. For the moment we can say the following – both in the city of Kyiv and on the outskirts of Kyiv, the situation is under control. The situation in the city – there are separate activities of sabotage-reconnaissance groups. Representatives of the National Police are actively working against them and representatives of territorial defense groups’ work is no less effective. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively working on the outskirts of Kyiv. Mariupol direction. Fierce fighting is going on around the city of Mariupol, but there is no chance that Mariupol will side with the Russian Federation or be captured by the enemy armed forces. In addition, air alarm signals were constantly working throughout the night – because the Russian army uses artillery, including jet artillery, to strike directly at Ukrainian cities. Meanwhile, I want to say the following. At 7 am on February 26, despite the number of reserves of the Russian Federation that were thrown into active actions, the armed forces of this country did not receive any tactical and operational advantage. This shows that Ukraine has not just survived, Ukraine is winning. We have active Armed Forces, National Police, and territorial self-defense groups – people know how to defend their country. The President of Ukraine works permanently and today, as well as yesterday and the day before yesterday, he will have a series of talks with representatives of our Western partners to form the most effective coalition against the Russian Federation. The Government is working effectively to address situational economic problems. The country is managed and controlled. This is important and we need to understand this, because there are so many different fakes designed to scare people, cause panic and make us disbelieve in the possibility of our victory”. Glory to Ukraine! To implement and enforce a no fly zone over Ukraine with joint air policing with NATO To implement the immediate trade embargo of Russia To cut off Russia from SWIFT system To close European skies, waters and roads to all Russian transport To implement full isolation of Russia in all senses and formats To enact immediate personal sanctions against all Russian oligarchs, their families and associates as compared to current cherry-picked selection To provide maximum possible military, humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine

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